A Training Program Conducted on “Commercial Management of Projects”
13. ربيع الأول 1438

The Department of Administrative Affairs and Human Resources conducted a training program on “Commercial Management of Projects” from December 4 to 8, 2016. This comes as part of efforts exerted by the HR Department to develop work, improve staff performance and develop job competences.

At the beginning of the program, the participants were briefed on the accreditation cycle of projects and programs, assessment principles, and prioritization in addition to project and program budget management. The program also focused on the financial assessment tools and assessing projects profitably. The training program also addressed the full understanding of the overall investment and operational cost and its impact on institutions and companies decision making.

Further, the program explained the mechanism of developing reserves for projects in quantitative terms associated to risks impact and likelihood of their occurrence. Moreover, the program tapped on the earned value management (EVM) to follow up and control the project budget through the project operations progress in addition to follow- up mechanisms and management of the project or program expenses and revenues as well as understanding the change management processes of the project budget.